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ShotskibuymeThe Nor Cal Hella Good Shot Ski is just what the name suggests.

In this day and age of new technology and pioneering breakthroughs in health, science and engineering, the Nor Cal Hella Good Shot Ski is leading the way in technological cutting-edge design. The research and development that has gone into the NCHG creates  convenience and performance that the ski industry has never seen before!


Shotski pack

Simply attach the low-profile shot stamp technology to your board to remain there, ready for the moment to arrive when someone says that beautiful word….. “Shotski?” Your answer can be a resounding, “YES!”

the shot glasses are made of a unique composite material that can withstand the impact of moderate crashes, and are recyclable and highly reusable, maintaining their high performance for over 5000 shots!

The NCHG Shotski accommodates up to 5 friends for the fun that keeps giving all winter long.

All you have to do is pull your cups out of your pocket of your jacket or fanny pack and from the included colorful, transparent, waterproof carrying caseand you are good to go. The NorCal Hella Good Shotski is so compact, it can fit into a stocking this Christmas.

The NorCal Hella Good Shotski is hella Portable, hella sleek, hella fun, and hella better than the gift of fruitcake, mittens or socks. Give your friends a hella good gift that they will absolutely love this year.