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Vision: To continually expand the our reach across sports psychology audience by delivering high quality sports commentary content that is informative, inspirational, entertaining and educational with the purpose of uplifting a listener’s game regardless of their sport. Born out of the passions for soccer and skiing, all professional athletes are welcome for comment on their performance that can add value to other sports audiences. The goal of Pro Sports Talks ownership is to engage as many listeners and producers as possible in order to add value to the lives of all that it touches so that we may live life more abundantly.

Mission: Pro sports Talks media will achieve its mission by generating content that is advice from pro athletes that is applicable to many sports  disciplines stemming from pro soccer and skiing. We focus on a demographic of 16 to 60 year-olds that crossing ethnic gender and cultural boundaries. We deliver valuable content to our sports audience and we pursue  income-generating partnerships to fund our endeavors of growing and adapting and changing to meet the needs of our listening audience.

Our Staff

Keith Thomas

Keith Thomas, based in Lake Tahoe, CA, has a diverse background.  Growing up in an Air Force family, led to extensive travel, coast to coast in the United States, and included living in Europe for over seven years.  Keith played both Soccer and Basketball in Europe, and then returned to the U.S. to attend the United States Air Force Academy. Keith’s passions include most sports, (from the professional ranks, right down through collegiate and high school sports), skiing, travel, photography and videography. He is a ripping skier and has produced numerous on-hill interviews with World Cup Skiers. Keith broadcasts high school football games, and volunteers his time on the P.A. for soccer, basketball and baseball. He also volunteers for the Truckee Tahoe Humane Society, and is an advocate for Lake Tahoe Black Bears, and educating the public in how to live in “Bear Country.”


Isaac Camero

Isaac Camero is a huge soccer fan and plays soccer in local mens leagues around Sacramento area. He covers Sacramento Republic games for Pro Sports Talks as well as winter sports in Lake Tahoe.  Isaac’s interviews include MLS players and coaches that involve training and success mindset habits. He is an experienced SUP boarder and fitness enthusiast and provides orientation for athletes of all levels. Listen to his music on Soundcloud.





Dave McCreary


Dave McCreary  is our most active and experienced photographer. He is the founder and CEO of FC Ireland. He uses Cannon products and flies drones and does amazing things with photography and knows everybody in Northern California and Ireland. He runs a very culturally diverse soccer program. 26 different countries are represented by his players.




Fred Brunton is a father, extreme sports enthusiast, and avid action photographer. Born and bred in NorCal, he has spent nearly three decades on the snowboarding & Fred Bruntonwakeboarding scenes, developing an eye for photography along the way. A licensed remote pilot, Fred specializes in aerial shots, and enjoys exploring light manipulation through long-exposure photography… though most significant would be a longtime special passion for documenting his son’s eleven competitive years on the soccer field (and counting).



Tee Rex has most recently been heard for the past 3 years on CBS Radio Sacramento KNCI.  Rex Trexis a dynamic radio personality and has also been heard on San Francisco and Los Angeles Radio.  You can hear Rex’s radio work on as Rex-on-the-radio.  Follow Rex on Twitter at Teerexradio for all the soccer news you can handle.





Grant Carlton

Grant Carlton’s quotes are, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”,    “It takes a little bit of talent, and a lot of determination”, “Cross my bars, hope to land” From Sac State, Grant is an Intern with Pro Sports Talks Podcast. He is an avid outdoorsman with Offloading, skiing, Biking and climbing on his list of specialties. He has chops with the camera and social media management also.



Nick Laporte

Nicholas Laporte is a ripping skier that thinks poles are overrated. Nick is great with a camera and supporting pro athlete interviews. An intern out of Sac State, Nick can get audio and video in hard-to reach places and is good at supporting brands and reviewing gear for the podcast. He can land 360 mute grabs and leave an athlete feeling like they have made a friend after a chairlift conversation interview.



Lynn Takata Photographer



Lynn Takata is one of the best photographers in the Sacramento Area. Her work is entertaining and captivating and her smile and energy is contagious. She has extensive background in sports photography, centered around soccer and also portraits that includes pets. Her SPCA adoption photos are award-winning. If they have not won awards (because we just made up that fact) then they should. She can also tell you about all the water issues in the state of California.  Action, portrait and water….. BOOM!, Triple threat!


 Kevin Christensen is a contributing writer and media coverage personalityKev that loves all sports.  Kevin has played, coached, officiated indoor and outdoor soccer in the Sacramento area as well as plays basketball.  Kevin has editing and writing experience for professional fantasy sports leagues.  His passions include graphic design, the outdoors, and discussing everything sports.


Our Founder

Patrick McIntosh  Patrick McIntosh is a husband, father, soccer player-agent-and-scout, skier, soccer player, retired-school-principal and a dude. Drivin by appreciating life and wanting more out of it than just what a job title can provide, Pat strives to uncover the things that people do to improve and rise up. By sharing these tips and acting on them, Pat knows that we can  raise whole teams of people up and affect awesomeness beyond our lifetimes. Pro Sports Talks is a network of friends that love sports and learning from the game.- “Even if the game is not soccer or skiing.”

You can contact him at





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