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Dr. Brandon Beamer Orthopedic Surgeon Advice for Knees

Dr. Brandon BeamerDr. Brandon Beamer, Orthopedic Surgeon in El Dorado Hills, California, gives his advice for knee surgery recovery, and prevention from further injury. He talks about specific exercises for hamstrings, quads and glute strength to stabilize the knee. The future of knee surgery is discussed with the emergence of new technology that harnesses the body’s natural healing to speed recovery. This is a “must-hear” for anybody who has knees and plays sports. Dr. Brandon practices with Marshall Medical Group.

Patrick McIntosh
Patrick McIntosh loves his family, friends and sports. He has been a teacher and school principal and running sports media since 2008. He is a player-agent with PROprofil and represents soccer player, connecting the Bundesliga and MLS.

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