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DAI Endurance Mike Sayers and Julie Young on Injury Recovery and Cycling

Julie Young DaiMike Sayers, DaiDAI Endurance’s founders and owners, Mike Sayers and Julie Young, give perspective on Injury Recovery and Cycling. For ACL surgery recovery and general knee problems, there is nothing better for low-impact, strength-building, range-of-motion and mobility. Mike Sayers and Julie Young share their injury stories and their journeys from professional cyclists to entrepreneurs in Sacramento and their collaboration with Kaiser Permanente on the Kaiser Sports Medicine Endurance Lab. Dai endurance trains  athletes to find their sweet spot with performance and hones in factors to keep people performing their best. at 1401 21st. St. in Sacramento. You will learn tips on metabolic health, injury recovery, nutrition and have a good time. Follow Dai on Twitter @Dai4endourance and Mike Sayers @mickeyhavoc

Patrick McIntosh will be the featured speaker on January 25th at Dai Endurance! He will be talking on the crossover muscle group benefits of skiing, soccer and cycling and give info on the “secret stash,” in and around Sacramento, on each discipline.


Patrick McIntosh
Patrick McIntosh loves his family, friends and sports. He has been a teacher and school principal and running sports media since 2008. He is a player-agent with PROprofil and represents soccer player, connecting the Bundesliga and MLS.

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