How To Win in the Postseason

Sac Republic Win in PostseasonSacramento Republic FC can tell you how to win in the Postseason. Coach Preki, Nemanja Vukuvic and James Kiffe tell you how! Two more games to win the Championship! Plus, there’s a pre-party before TGR’s Jeremy Jones’ “Higher” at the Tower in Sac at New Helvetia Brewing on Sep. 25th!


Jeremy Jones Higher and Sac Republic Finishes Well

Jeremy Jones and DonovanJeremy Jones’ TGR movie, “Higher” debut was on September 6th at Squaw Valley. 10-year-old, Donovan Johnson speaks with him about how he continually pushes boundaries back so you can do it too!  Then, Sacramento Republic FC moves into the post-season of soccer with their first playoff match at home. Isaac Camero speaks with Coach Preki and Max Alvarez and they shed light on how they win. Go see Higher! Here are the dates:

How To Go on a Winning Streak

Dominik Kakubek Man of the Matchphoto 3

Sacramento Republic FC’s Coach Preki, with Dominik Jakubek and Emrah Klimenta give insight into their unbeaten streak at home and clinching a home game for the beginning of the playoffs. They drop some bits of their recipe for success and leave the rest up to you.

Sac Republic FC and San Jose Earthquakes Win!

Sac Republic FC Adam Jahn, Justin Braun and Coach Preki talk about focus and winning (which they know a lot about) and Shay Salinas comments about this place in history that we will be talking about, right before The San Jose Earthquakes win.



Earthquakes and Sounders in Levis Stadium

Clint DempseyClint Dempsey, DeAndre Yedlin and Chris Wondolowski all speak about the match, Chris Wondolowskirecovery, the World Cup and the All Star Game. Levi’s Stadium smelled and felt like a new car. San Jose Earthquakes won! Here’s what they thought about the momentous occasion.

West Brom Friendly with Sacramento Republic FC

West Bromwich Played Sac Republic FC and there was a lot of learning shared by Alan Irvine, Andre Wisdom, Dominik Jakubek and Steven Evans. Chris Lepkowski of Birmingham Mail contributed as did Adam Grinsell from Express And Star! Enjoy!WestBrom also: Free Beer at Pinecove on Matchdays

Rangers FC Play Sac Republic FC

Rangers FC’s Ian Black scores the winner against Sac Republic FC. He talks about playing our

Rangers FC

Rangers FC

side and California lifestyle. Thomas Stewart and Carlos Martinez, from Sac Republic FC comment about the game and performing and focusing while playing a big opponent.

Check out the Sac Sports publication,

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Sac Republic FC Win in July Heat




Tommy Stewart, Tommy Thompson(Someone on Facebook described him like “a pit bull going after a bacon-wrapped cat.”) and Octavio Guzman give advice about recovery, Scoring, and Creating opportunities! Sac Republic FC Win! Here’s the Guzman Video

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Thanks Cellar, in Old Town Folsom

World Cup 2014 Sally Mello Marine SUP

SUP Sally!

SUP Sally!

Sally Mello from Mello marine in Rancho Cordova explains the benefits of Stand up paddling (SUP) and how to get the board that is right for you! Sally Picks the winners of the 2014 World Cup round of 16 and she gets 2 of her calls right! also Go to Pinecove Tavern for a free beer(s) on Sac Republic FC match days! Print out your beer Coupon here——————>Pine Cove Tavern

2014World Cup USA is Out and Sac Republic FC Report

Pinecove July

Free Beer at Pinecove Tavern

The USA is out at the hands of Belgium and that is what happens to teams that don’t believe in themselves. They don’t fight. On the other hand, Sac Republic FC is earning three points pretty regularly. Coach Preki, Emrah Klimenta and Chad Bartolome’ talk about crappy ref calls and how to look at it in the right light. Also, Print up your Pinecove Tavern beer tickets for after the Sac Republic FC games!——————————>