Jaclyn Ream

Diamond Peak Turns 50!

Diamond Peak Ski Instructor, Peter P.Diamond Peak is celebrating it’s 50th year as a community ski resort, with the best views of Lake Tahoe. There are some secrets to their success and Jaclyn Ream, Mike Bandelin give the details that include Lila Lipanja’s success on the US Ski Team after taking her first turns at Diamond Peak. We will catch up with her recent races at Squaw Valley for the FIS World Cup stop, next week!Jaclyn Ream

Nick Clark Spotted Dog Yoga

Discipline with Nick Clark

Nick Clark Spotted Dog YogaDiscipline with Nick Clark is huge as he is trying out for the Sac Republic FC for the position of goalkeeper. There is a certain amount of discipline that goes into staying on target with your training. He shares it with you so that you can steal it and run with it in the stuff that you are doing.

Nick Clark Spotted Dog Yoga

Nick Clark Being a Part of Something Bigger Than Himself

Being a part of something bigger than yourself is about thinking about the needs of a greater organization and about what part you can fill or how you can meet the needs or others and serve others. Nick Clark breaks it down to help kids and you can help them here, too. He shares Belonging to a team with the help of Isaac Camero and P-Mac, on how he sees his journey toward the Sac Republic FC tryouts.Nick Clark Spotted Dog Yoga

Nick Clark Goalie Yogi

Nick Clark Is Trying Out for Sac Republic- Belief

Nick Clark Goalie YogiNick Clark of Spotted Dog Yoga, is trying out for Sac Republic FC! This is the first in the 5-part series and it is called “Belief.” Nick explains 3 parts that contributes and forms his belief. They are; Asana, Meditation and Inquiry. He breaks it down for us to understand and apply in our own lives. Stick with us on his 5-part journey into aiming for his goals and going from reluctance to action. visit his go fund me page to donate to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital on his behalf.

Yoga for Skiing

Yoga for Skiing

Yoga for SkiingYoga for skiing? yes. There are direct applications that benefit your strength, balance and flexibility. At Northstar at Tahoe, we catch up with Stephanie Meyers, Communications specialist from Northstar, Isaac Camero, Andrew Colli, and Sam Marani to get their feedback, before testing their yoga knowledge against Nick Clark, from Spotted Dog Yoga.  You will learn what yoga poses to concentrate on to benefit your skiing. Here is a special hook-up for “S’moresapalooza” at Northstar. Your family will dig it, big-time.

Rosignol E88

Ski With Your Family at Northstar

img_1137Rosignol E88You want to ski with your family and you want to make it a winning adventure that you all do over and over. You want to create experiences that make you a skiing family. There will be challenges. Here, are the best pieces of advice on how to overcome these challenges. Guests are Marcie Bradley, Communications Manager at Northstar and Gene Mitchell of Catalyst Mortgage in Sacramento. Thank you to Land Park Ski and Sports,Spotted Dog Yoga and Mello Marine. Gene rode the Rosignol E88s and found them to be solid at high-speeds in variable conditions. In the harder groom, they kept an edge at speed and didn’t chatter. They are fatter at the waist and can float in pow but can also carve sharply. They are a true, 1-quiver ski to keep the well-rounded skier happy.

Sac FC

Reflections On Sac Republic Season and Playoff Loss in PKs

This was a championship season for Sac Republic and a tough playoff loss in the first round, in PKs. We talk to Mike DaFonte, Emre Klimenta, Ivan Mirkovic and Coach Buckle. Nick Clark, Eric Woodfork, Dave McCreary, Isaac Camero, Patrick McIntosh and Tom Fox are on Pro Sports Talks for you. If this story wasn’t super funny, it would be depressing as heck.Sac FC

Rodrigo Lopez Retrospective

Rodrigo Lopez has some thoughts for Sac FC and for Celaya FC, promotion and relegation and cultural shifts. We catch up with him on the phone and talk on diet, lifestyle and winning.


Sac Republic Beat LA and Win the West

img_3528Sac Republic have won the west. We talk with Cameron Iwasa, Coach buckle and Carlton Cole. They are on fire! No, literally, on fire. The place was full of smoke…

Sac Republic FC in Playoffs

Sac Republic, Whitecaps, OC Blues and Playoff Birth

Sac Republic FC in PlayoffsSac Republic get a playoff birth as they beat the Whitecaps and the OC Blues. We talk with Derek Foran, Emrah Klimenta, Elliot Hurd and Paul Buckle about players. Nick Clark from Spotted Dog Yoga, Dave McCreary from FC Ireland, Isaac Camero from FC Folsom and Pat McIntosh, get the info on attacking and scoring when it matters most. Evan Ream gets on the mic too!