Liverpool FC U21

Sac Republic Open Cup and Liverpool U21 Wins

Liverpool FC U21Rex on the Radio and P MacSac Republic FC V Liverpool U21What a great couple games. Today’s podcast is 45 minutes of great commentary about the bounce back of the Sac Republic offense. 7 goals in 2 games. Daniel Tricket-Smith combines to make for a creative and offensive force for the Republic and is man of the match against his former team! Open Cup too! great wins for the Republic.


Sac Republic FC V Sounders 2 May 14th, 2016

Sac FCSounders 2What a great game! Sac FC beat the Sounders 2-0 with a Tommy Stewart brace. Coach Buckle, Adam Jahn, Rodrigo Lopez, Dom Jakubek all in the mix on Today’s show. Adam Jahn gives great advice for players. “Always get better.”

Concussions in Football and Common Sense

I would never pretend to be an expert on much in life.  There can always be morefootball-head-shot-collision to learn about anything in the world.  I’m not a medical physician, an expert on collision physics, and I’m certainly not an expert on the NFL and 250 lb. men hitting each other head to head at top speed.  With that said, I do feel I have somewhat of a grip on common sense after my 40 years on this earth.  After all the recent media coverage, lawsuits, and serious concerns about concussions to football players on every level from children to professionals, I think we can all agree that common sense should be the first approach in facing this issue.  The fact is football is a violent game and it always will be.  It’s part of why we as a society love it because we as humans love the idea of elite athletes risking everything, including their lives to win.  But, is it time to ask ourselves if that love of violence has eclipsed our ability to make common sense safety approaches mandatory on every level of the game?  I argue that it has not only eclipsed it, but it has completely blinded us to common sense.  Let me ask you a question to think about seriously for a second.  Why do boxers wear gloves on their hands?  I know what your thinking.  What a dumb question right?  The answer is clear you moron, it’s because boxers would break their hands on the opponents head or because they would seriously injure the head of the opponent.  So let’s take this a step further and use common sense, if a glove is a padded means to prevent serious injury, concussions, and possible death in boxing then why can the same approach not be applied to football?  Again, I’m no expert on much of anything.  We already established that earlier, but I do know we put a man on the moon around 40 years ago, we invented the microchip, and I’m pretty sure a few diseases have been cured recently.  Knowing all of this, is someone going to tell this non-expert that we can’t engineer a football helmet with the same principle that is used with a boxing glove?  It’s a simple question my fellow loving sports fanatics.  Nobody can tell me that we as humans do not have the capability to construct a helmet with a soft exterior that comes off the harder shell of the traditional football helmet.  I’m not going to get into specifics as to how this helmet should be designed.  I’ll leave that to people much smarter then myself, but in my head I envision a simple addition of a gel like exterior that comes off the already hard shelled present day helmet.  I’ll leave the analysis of how it can go from there.  But, nobody can tell me this simple “common sense” design would not automatically reduce concussions, make players safer, and alleviate the controversy to some degree surrounding football.  With movies like Concussion, starring Will Smith, and the national culture becoming more aware of the dangers of football, I’m curious as to the reasons why the NFL would not take the lead at least for the sake of PR on this front.  Would it cure every head injury players receive from this violent game?  Of course not.  But, just because it would not cure the problem does not mean it should not be implemented on every football level.  Just like every measure possible should be implemented to cure sickness, to develop clean energy for the sake of our planet, to make cars safer for our children and loved ones, we should also be using common sense approaches to make all athletes safe.  Why has this not happened?  Are we addicted as a society to violence so much that we invite it?  I’m not sure the answer to this question because I’m no expert, but if someone can give this writer a legit reason as to why this is not happening I will certainly listen.  I’m also sure all the men who’ve lost their health and died young will listen, as well as all the moms and dads that are stopping their children from playing this great game of football.  Sports teach us many valuable lessons in life and it’s about time one of those lessons is common sense.  This is of course just one non-experts opinion.

-Kevin Christensen (Pro Sports Talks)

Sac Republic FC Beat Galaxy 2 May 7th, 2016

TrexIsaac CameroDuring the ins half of Sac Republic V Galaxy 2, we talk about the pivotal game that this is in terms of offense coming together. Tee rex on the Radio is now with Pro Sports Talks! Isaac Camero is on as well, Every week, this season and into forever. This is a grip ton of fun with food content on changing a slump into a drive.

Sac Republic 3-Game Losing Streak

Paul Buckle Talks OffenceAfter 3 losses, Paul Buckle talks about the progress that is on the verge of paying off.

Ivan Mircovic shares thoughts:

Sac Republic FC Home Opener, April 2nd

Cameron Iwasa Scores for Sac Republic in the 84th minute to bring home 3 points.

Cameron Iwasa Scores for Sac Republic in the 84th minute to bring home 3 points.

This post times perfectly with my knee reconstructive surgery. Pat (senior) McIntosh and Carole McIntosh are great reporters and they were there to cover the match.

It was an exciting 1-0 victory for the Republic, who had 2 disallowed goals due to lousy officiating. All stats point to a likely 3-0 result.

Sac Republic starts out their season with 6 points and a home opening win!

Hereare the comments from Coach Paul Buckle:


Ski and Learn

How To Treat a Knee Injury

Ski and LearnI just am realizing that I likely have a meniscus tear with no torn ligaments. I haven’t got an MRI yet  but I have learned some things: Here it is from RN shredder Tori Robinson.

Get your ticket to “The Streif!”- Feb 16th, it is on!

Tori Robinson

Avalanche Recovery January 2016

Tori Robinson Tori Robinson is official! She is a producer and Host on Pro Sports Talks Podcast! We talk about the recovery of JT Holmes at the hands of Daron Rahlves and Company and what was going on from a medical perspective. Listen to TGR’s podcast about it here.        Also, be Avalanche-safe with the resources at Sierra Avalanche Center.                                          Buy your tickets to Warren Miller’s The Streif, One Hell of a Ride, playing in Sacramento!

Learn to Ski Ski to Learn at Northstar

What do you do with a family member who needs to learn how to ski? You put them in a lesson! Kelley Coffee shows you why. Northstar is a great mountain for family and mother Nature delivered the pow for a great series on learning to ski and preserving and growing relationships! Have a sneak peak at our new Co-host- Tori Robinson!Tori RobinsonNorthstar ski school

Jonny Moseley 2016

Jonny MoseleyCatching up with Jonny Moseley at Alpine Meadows, we talk about a new product to help your kid learn how to ski, New Years resolutions and pushing the envelope and sending it. The Warren Miller movie, “The Streif,” is playing at Holy Spirit Parish School in Sacramento! Get your tickets online, or at Land Park Ski and Sports! February 16th! is the date!